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a Doctor Who cast 20in20 community

Whoverse Cast 20in20 Icon Challenge
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What does 20in20 mean?
It simply means that ou have 20 days to complete a set of 20 icons. The challenge is divided into 10 themes, 5 category and 5 artist choice icons. You have to complete all 20 for your entry to be valid.

What is whocast20in20?
We are a 20in20 challenge that focuses on the actors from the Whoverse. We not only accept big actors, but also the guest stars and other minor ones as long as they have appeared in Doctor Who or any of its spin-offs.

Can any actor count?
We allow anyone from Classic Who, New Who, Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures. But when we say minor characters we don’t mean someone that showed up for 3 minutes and got kill. A good minor character will be Wilfred Mott(Bernard Cribbins) or Sally Sparrow(Carey Mulligan). They don’t have to appear in a full episode as a main character, but they need to have played an important part in the time given.

Do we get more than 20 days?
I ask that all entries are completed in those 20 days, but if maybe some people need two or even three extra days, we may be able to extend the challenge. But if you haven’t even started your challenge entries the change that you will get extra time is very little. If you don’t think that you can complete the challenge just tell us and maybe wait for the following round.

How long to sign ups last?
Since we are new the sign ups will last until the last week(usually the final 10 days) before the challenge end.

Can I take a taken actor?
No, like I mentioned in the rules. Only one person may use an actor for each round, we want to have some diversity in the entries, it would be fun in half the entries were about the same more popular actor. Even if you don’t get your favorite actor one round, you can always try for him the next one. (new)You make the an actor a if they appear in Doctor who playing two different characters, ex. Colin Baker/Karen Gillan.

1. All icons most be your own, if we find out that you are posting someone’s else icons, you will be disqualified and banned from any upcoming rounds. Also don’t submit previous work, all of the submissions need to be original for the current challenge.

2. All icons need to fill LiveJournal’s standards, no bigger than 100x100, under 40kb and either of this file formats; .png, .gif, or .jpg Personally I ask that you please try to use .png

3. Works need to be kept on a low rating, we don’t really allow nudity and if any of your icons contains it your entry won’t be accepted. We have to post the icons here for voting and I won’t allow them. If there is nudity and you really need it, all major parts have to be hidden or censored.

4. To post an entry, make a new post in the community. You may use 3 preview icons, if your icons are in the same post put them all under a cut. If your icons are in another journal make sure you have a working link and your post is public. Not only would members be able to view them without joining, I need to be able to view them and put them up for voting.

5. Only one person may use an actor, the Whoverse is diverse and even the actor you want is taken you can pick another and next round you can try for them.

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